The history of Hummelfigurines

Franz Goebel, copartner of W. Goebel Porzelanfabrik in Oeslau near Coburg discovered a book with Hummel motifs. It was love at first sight and led to a contract with the artist in 1934.

The sculptors Reinhold Unger (1880-1974) and Arthur Möller (1886-1972) devoted all their energies to develop the three-dimensions models for the later Hummel figurines from the two dimension of the paintings.

The very first GI´s who came to Germany swapped cigarettes and canned goods for Hummel figurines. Former First Lady, Betty Ford, owns a cabinet full of them. President Ronald Reagan received a gift of the Quartett of Singers on hin visit to Bonn.

At the end of October, 2008 the production of the hummel figurines was put from the company Goebel. In January, 2009 Jörg Köster, managing companion of the Höchster Porzellan Fabrik, together with private investors has taken over the manufacture of the hummel figurines. Under the company Manufaktur Rödental 2009 hummel figurines are restored since the 9th of February in the old rented production building in Rödental/Coburg.

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